CZARINA HILLARY: “IT’S TIME.” Sorry…can’t take it back.

hill crown

Hillary’s time has come.  How do we do know that?  “Cuz she said, “it’s time?”  Cuz she said it’s time. When she repeated over and over (with what can only be described as a combination of entitlement, arrogance, disdain and delusion), It’s time!” she wasn’t referring exclusively to her vajajay as reason enough for her ascendancy to the throne. She also means it’s time that SHE be properly acknowledged by granting her tenancy in the Oval Palace from whence she can sit atop her throne built from the bones of her political rivals and rule over her subjects as their Supreme Leader (“Supreader”).  As we have seen her “faithful” (you say potato I say fanatico) remain steadfastly (you say potato I say psycho) in her camp (you say zuccini I say…zuccini).

Fembots?   When news of the email scandal first leaked, many of her fempporters proudly declared that they would vote for their candidate “[N]o matter what!”  These women have literally shut down their brains, “La la la la la la I can’t hear you la la la la la rapist!”  They are knowingly adrift in textbook fanatacism…and are committed to stay in it.  This is the new breed of Uber Fanatic (“FanUberic”).  Much like a garden variety lunatic who lacks the capacity to understand the nature of his insanity, the garden variety fanatic (or “Fanardietic”) cannot understand that they are batshit crazy.  But this new breed of reason-resistant FanUberic is entirely conscious of their fanaticism and COMPLETELY DEVOTED TO IT.  It’s crazy on steroids…it’s meanspirited…and like other liberal activists of the modern era they seek not to invite conversation but to SHUT IT DOWN.  It’s scary.

That being said, when informed that her “It’s time!” campaign slogan was poorly received in some sectors, this political automaton — who hasn’t formed an original or independent thought for decades — abruptly stopped using it, waiting further instructions from the fembochip placed in her cerebral cortex.

“Who…me???  This is political theater!” Then…”what’s the big deal?” Followed by…”so what!  Don’t you know who I am!?”

At first, she outright denied any email misstep, which she probably convinced herself was true, stating that the accusations arising FROM AN INDEPENDENT STATE DEPARTMENT INQUIRY:  “This is nothing but more political theater.” Not long thereafter she backpeddles and grudgingly acknowledges “Ok, maybe a few emails were sent from my personal account like OH MY GOD let’s call the EMAIL POLICE!”  While admitting that a “HANDFUL” of emails had in fact been sent from her personal account she insists that NONE of them contained information of a classified nature.  As an aside, this seems an odd claim to make after losing track of the fact that she sent ANY emails from her personal account.  “Right?”  Right.  Care to comment on that Corporal Crazy Pants? “Bite me penis devil.”  We’re very close…that’s disguised affection.  Stand by…

Tick tock tick tock…then with indignant tone and haughty demeanor Ole Hickory BLASTS her accusers (and let’s face it, the American people)  “OK!  Maybe a couple of them were sensitive-ISH.  Wacka wacka!  Can we move on?”  Not quite yet pumpkin pie.

Finally, this woman that-would-be-queen admits, “OK!  So like a ZILLION offfical emails containing highly classified information deemed VITAL to national security were sent from  my personal account!   Wow!  Call the freakin email police.”  The committee members were unable to locate a number and were forced to withdraw from the engagement.

Feminist supporters? Shouting,  “Yay!  Leave Britney, I mean, Hillary alone!  LEAVE HER ALONE!  WHY WON’T YOU JUST LEAVE BRITNEY I MEAN HILLARY ALONE!”

Scared yet?

Now seriously…bear in mind these are INDEPENDENT STATE DEPARTMENT OFFICIALS…working for HER…and they’re like, “Um, boss? So, like, um…wtf man?”

This REPEATED PATTERN of blanket denial joined by unsubstantiated counter accusations, followed by the revealing of HARD EVIDENCE to the contrary she issue these indignant dismissive statements to the effect that it’s much ado about nothing THEN which are THEN followed by the revelation of CONCLUSIVE EVIDENCE (supporting the WORST charges against her) and to which Proud Mary shouts out with contemptuous something to the effect of SO WHAT!  It is not mere name-calling to state that her CONDUCT is suggestive of a PATHOLOGICAL LIAR and SOCIOPATH.

This exact pattern was shown previously with in Benghazi fiasco.  Remember that one?  When a mob of “peaceful” Muslims stormed the American embassy dragging American citizens out of the compound, tortured and and then slaughtered them.  A STRONG case can be made she WAS FULLY AWARE of the crisis in real time and that a special ops team was on stand-by awaiting orders to go in and rescue the hapless souls. Tragically…as wel know…no such orders came.  Once AGAIN…this Administration…and Hillary specifically PLACE THE PERCEIVED “FEELINGS” of Muslims above the LIVES OF AMERICAN CITIZENS, DIPLOMATS AND SERVICEMEN.  It is an ACCURATE STATEMENT to say that the modus operandi of the Obama administrations is:  “BETTER THAT OUR PEOPLE DIE THAN MUSLIMS BE OFFENDED.”

In a statement that all but ended the hearings before Congressional Committee investigating the Benghazi incident, clearly irritated…and an air that can only be described as her “being put upon” by these…lowly representatives of the American People:  “What difference does it make now? They’re dead already!”

From a purely factual standpoint she is correct.  What purpose is served by wasting time on how and why something happened that has already happened?  Great point!  Put another way…WHAT PURPOSE IS SERVED BY A CRIMINAL DEFENDANT CHARGED WITH MURDER?  “Come on Judge.  They dead already!”  What purpose is served by ANY INVESTIGATION?  The woman is as CRAZY as she is ARROGANT.


I’ve tried in good faith but I CANNOT make an affirmative case for Hillary Clinton’s candidacy.  She HAS REPEATEDLY LIED UNDER OATH AT HEARINGS investigating possible misconduct of a SERIOUS NATURE.  She demonstrates a LITERAL INABILITY ACCEPT RESPONSIBILITY FOR HER OWN ACTIONS…even AFTER HER LIES ARE DISPROVEN!  Her’s in the behavior of MESSIANIC type figure who’s destiny is so written and NOTHING will get in the path to change it.   Her SUPPORTERS display the behavior of STARRY EYED JONESTOWN FRUIT JUICERS who will FOLLOW HER TO THE END NO MATTER WHAT.

ALL this…and it is DONALD TRUMP…and HIS supporters…are the nutjobs?  Ya gotta be KIDDING ME.  These events defy logic and the behavior shown by the people involved seems flat out irrational, in addition to hateful and VIOLENT.  If Clinton supporters TRULY WANT the things they say they want…a well reasoned analysis just doesn’t GET YOU TO THAT PLACE where SHE’S YOUR GUY.

Across history…there are examples of societies where emotions and personalities come to dominate all other considerations (no matter how noteworthy).  The “first casualty is truth.”  Is it not worth merely CONSIDERING that this “war” has ALREADY STARTED and the truth IS its first casualty?   This angry, mindless, entitled and DEEPLY hypocritical surge towards mob rule…is to me a pretty scary thing.   Often I repeat that I wish I were wrong…but cannot in good faith from an intellectually honest place find even a HINT of a flaw in my analysis.  Humor and satire and ridicule aside…this is SCARY STUFF.  And if you’re not even prepared to listen to a guy who WANTS TO BE WRONG…and possibly learn something that may cause you merely to REVISIT many things to which you are DEEPLY COMMITTED if not fanaticially devoted to…then can you still even be reached by rational inquiry where you can take a step back and say…”what if I’m wrong?”

Events are in motion…this IS happening and it doesn’t matter whether I’m right or wrong.  What MATTERS is whether YOU are wrong.  If emotions and ideology and hatred have already blocked you off from mere consideration of these things, then the coming fascism IS more suited to what you yearn for and the profile you fit.  Funny…with most things (“good”) that you hope for…you act like a good person…hope and pray that they might come to pass…but only RARELY do they actually come to pass.  But…if you WISH FOR FASCISM, ACT LIKE A FASCIST, ISSUE DEMANDS LIKE FASCISTS AND ELEVATE FASCISTS TO POWER…your demands WILL BE MET.

True story.

No seriously!